What is an intranet?

- And why should we have it?

An information hub where you can find published and current information

Once upon a time, an intranet consisted of just a web page with links to other systems. Optionally, it included a document structure and some news from management that it wanted to communicate down the organization.

Over time, search functions began to become more in demand, intranets began to become more tools for employees than pure information sites.

Struktur och gemensamt arbetssätt i Teams

Nowadays, intranets are so much more than just a document management system. Today, the intranet can be a Great tool for collaboration and communication - both between individuals and between management and employees.

Many of us remember when “Social Intranets” were what everyone was talking about. It was time to focus on communication.

Now everyone talks the same way about “AI” and “machine learning,” cool and potentially world-changing technologies — but let's not forget that many are still grappling with the same problems as in the early 2000s.

Users still ask themselves the question:
- “Where can I find information about X?” or
- “How do I implement process/work moment Y correctly?”

Intranets that act as a hub that brings together management information, collaboration tools and collaboration spaces together with internal communication is, in our opinion, a highly topical area and something that will only grow in the future.


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