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Our talented Office 365 and management consultants help you throughout the chain from analyzing business needs to implementing solutions built on 100% out of the box SharePoint and Microsoft Teams.

Examples of areas we are good at:

  • Packaged Intranets with fixed delivery time and cost
  • Document and Project Management/Governance
  • User trainings
  • Editorial trainings
  • Build different types of simple registers and solutions with SharePoint

By focusing on your company's information and processes, we can deliver Changing ways of working that create real value where digital tools are often a central component.

Two random recommendations of our consultants

Today we have launched Planket — Bergkvist Siljan's intranet. Many thanks for the support and help so far — it has been invaluable. I always get elaborate and descriptive answers with accompanying pictures so that it will be easy to do the right thing. Feel it was the right choice to choose you as supplier and I remember Robert's words “We hold your hand all the way!” which you really do.
Camilla Säf
Project Manager Communication
Henrik is a great SharePoint developer with lots of good qualities. He always strives to find good solutions. His passion for developing great software applications makes him deliver high quality products on time. He is excellent in several areas: SharePoint, team-work, agile software development, estimates, TFS and many more.Henrik is a positive person who's consistant good mood is infectious to all those around him.
Håkon Nordli
Front-end developer at Knowit‍
Henrik Gustafsson
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Areas we work with


Information architecture

In order to deliver intranet solutions that add business benefits, it is important to analyze what information the system will handle.

We have seen several times that even a small company with 30 employees can handle hundreds of different types of information. These can be anything from quotes, CVs, accounting documents and policies to meeting notes.

Our methodology for finding these types of information is through workshops and exploratory work in existing systems. It allows us to start a project with the right scope and purpose.

SharePoint/Office 365

SharePoint/Office 365

SharePoint and Office 365 are systems built for users. They are also systems that have been further developed for a very long time, which can give users many different ways to do the same.

It becomes very important that these types of systems are configured and adapted in the right way to suit the organization today and to avoid large costs a couple of years in the future.

As more and more companies move to the cloud, it also places new demands on us as specialists and our ability to stay abreast of trends and changes in the platform.

These days, there isn't a new version coming every three years - it can come every week.


SharePoint and Teams Training

Since many of the systems we specialize in can sometimes be perceived as complex, it becomes very important that users receive the training and support they need.

We deliver both standardized training packages and tailor-made trainings based on the specific needs of companies.

Examples of trainings we offer:

  • SharePoint for Editors
  • SharePoint for End Users
  • SharePoint for super-users

Design, UX, color and shape

In order for users to feel that a system is easy to use, we need to focus on the user experience.

Partly through education but also by designing systems so that they are as self-explanatory as possible.

For us, design is not only about color and shape, but also about making systems work in a way that users can understand.


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