Training Packages - Get started with Microsoft Teams, remotely

Training for business where you learn what you need to know to work in Microsoft Teams.
Neither more nor less. A “course for the common people” so to speak.

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Remote training for $ 1500

During half a day with our talented trainers you will learn remotely:

Part 1 Basics of Teams

  • What are teams and channels? Why do I need to be able to?
  • How do I create, upload, modify, and move documents and files?
  • How does the chat work?
  • How do I connect to speed meetings and booked appointments?
  • How do I get the audio, screen sharing and such to work without calling IT?

Part 2 Work Smarter in Teams

  • Should I write in Teams? Where then? Or should I send an email? How do I think?
  • How do I plan and organize meetings? Before, during and after?
  • Can I customize Teams to make it better for me in some way?

After the training, everyone should feel comfortable answering the questions above. And above all, you should feel that it is fun and not nearly as complicated as you might have thought before.

Utbildningen hålls helt och hållet på distans
The training is held entirely remotely

In order for the knowledge to stay in the head even a couple of weeks after the training, all participants receive an easy-to-read lathound.

It shows in a simple and comprehensive way how to perform the moments and use the functions we went through. So that it is easy to remember “how was it that I was going to do now again?”

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  • All course materials included
  • Completely at a distance
  • No prior knowledge required
Lathund till Teams - när du tänker "hur var det nu man gjorde?"

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