Camilla Säf
Project Manager Communication

Today we have launched Planket — Bergkvist Siljan's intranet. Many thanks for the support and help so far — it has been invaluable. I always get elaborate and descriptive answers with accompanying pictures so that it will be easy to do the right thing. Feel it was the right choice to choose you as supplier and I remember Robert's words “We hold your hand all the way!” which you really do.

Sofia Svedros
Acting Chief of Staff

We see it as very positive that our Intranet has become both easily accessible and user-friendly. It is easier to find information and it is very good that everyone has access to it through the phone

Monica Kettelhoit
Office Manager

With Office 365 as a base, Cognit has helped us develop an attractive and useful Intranet, full of relevant information about our company. They have also provided us with a handy portal that helps us keep track of all our agreements. Last but not least, we have a working structure in Teams. All this has allowed us to significantly improve our internal cooperation. Cognit has put all these customizable instruments in our hands, painlessly and in no time and their customer service is reliable, readable and helpful. We highly recommend Cognit!

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